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There's a fantastic variety of independent and mainstream wargames to get into. We focus on:


Not Bored Games! At Lost Ark we have tons of exciting and challenging boardgames. Come and see how games have evolved!


We have lots of innovative card games here and there's something for everyone. So get off the games console and play a card game today.


Follow us on TwitterLike us on FacebookWe stock the most popular trading card games of today. They're fun to play, great to collect and even better to swap - there's something for all ages!


Games Workshop's Warhammer 40000 is the most popular wargame on the market today. GW products are instantly recognisable worldwide. Products include:
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Dungeons and Dragons

Invented way back in 1979, Dungeons and Dragons is now in it's 5th Edition and still going strong. Whether you used to play and want to get back into it or are new to roleplaying, we having everything you need to get started.


Pathfinder is a great alternative to Dungeons and Dragons. Using V3.5 compatible D&D rules you can play a familiar game in a different setting.

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