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  • We run monthly Star Trek Organised Play events as well as official FFG championships and tournaments for X-Wing. If you love either game you should take a look at our events and see what's coming up?
  • We are an Advanced Wizards Play Network Store and run sanctioned events for Magic: The Gathering. We get a great crowd evey Friday and play different formats during the month.
  • Our Late Night Gaming evening caters for those who can't play during the day! Play our games, your games, any game and entrance is 3 for an evening's fun.
  • We run our Roleplaying evening every Tuesday 6pm to 10pm. We play a variety of games.Entry is 3 and no experience is necessary - all you need to bring is yourself. If you'd like to run a favourite RPG, entry is free for you!
  • Every Saturday we hold sanctioned tournament for all Bushiroad games as well as any Sneak Peeks for new Bushiroad products. Casual play, tournaments and card swapping are what Saturday mornings are about here.
  • 1st Company Wargamers meet every Monday at Lost Ark Games and play a wide variety of games. Entry is 4 and if it's your first time at the club, entry is free!


Aside from ground-based miniatures games, we also sell and run events for:


Not Bored Games! At Lost Ark we have tons of exciting and challenging boardgames. Come and see how games have evolved!


We have lots of innovative card games here and there's something for everyone. So get off the games console and play a card game today.


Follow us on TwitterLike us on FacebookWe stock the most popular trading card games of today. They're fun to play, great to collect and even better to swap - there's something for all ages!


There's a fantastic variety of independent and mainstream wargames to get into. We focus on:
This is a map of the middle of pedestrianised Stevenage Town Shopping Centre. The building to the right of us is Virgin Media. We are in Queensway Chambers on the first floor. We are 5 minutes from the railway station and and 2 minutes from Stevenage Bus Station.
Open:Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday 10am to 10pm
/ Sat 9am to 6pm / Sunday 10am to 4pm


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