About Our High Street Store

On Saturday 29th October 2011 we started our first "bricks and mortar" high street store in Buntingford. We have closed that store and re-opened in Stevenage on 14th November 2014. We now occupy a wonderful 1200 square feet area on the first floor of Queensway Chambers, right in the middle of the popular and pedestrianised Stevenage New Town Centre.

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How to find our storeOPENING HOURS:

Here's some information about the weekly events we run:

MONDAYS - 1st Company Gaming Club Night

We currently host this gaming club every Monday evening and they play a variety of games including Warhammer 40K, Bolt Action, X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing, along with RPG style board games and trading card games too. If it’s your first evening coming then it’s FREE, and recurring visits are £4 per session. If you’re looking for a friendly gaming club to join, you should come along and try 1st Company, and it’ll cost you nothing to do so.


Try a new roleplaying game each week from 6-10pm for just £3! Are you a GM looking for PCs? Look no further, we have a ready-made audience waiting to play your scenario. And it won’t cost you a penny because GMs and DMs play FOR FREE!

This is growing to become a very popular night. Some weeks we have as many as 4 different Role Playing Games going on at the same time in our 1200 square feet gaming areas. With hot and cold food and drinks available too, we’re ready for you when the gaming munchies kick in!


If you love playing board games in particular, Thursday evening is a great time to come along. For £3 you’re able to play any of the many open copies of games we have here, as well as bring along your own games you like but no one at home will play them with you! Come as a crowd or on your own - it doesn’t matter because you’ll always be able to find others to play with.

It’s not just a night exclusive to board games though. Any gameplay is welcome on this night - card games, wargames, role playing games. We’re open 6 to 10pm every Thursday.


Our weekly Magic: The Gathering just gets busier and busier! We usually have at least 20 players here on Friday evenings. It’s a fun evening with a competitive edge for players of any ability. We start late enough for those finishing work in London to reach us and we’re conveniently located near to the station too. Our events always start promptly at 7.00pm until late.


Any players of Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight or Weiss Schwarz come together at our regular Bushiroad Battles morning on Saturdays 9am to 12 noon.

We sanction weekly tournaments for each game that appear on Bushiroad’s website and will run tournaments for whoever makes an appearance! It’s free to come along and just the cost of one booster to participate in any tournament. We also run every Sneak Peek event available for CF Vanguard and Buddyfight during this time and they are always £15 to attend.

So whether you want to pay and play in tournaments or play casual games and trade for free, Saturday morning is just for you!


We run events 6 days a week, so when we talk about Organised Play (OP) we’re referring to officially sanctioned and supported play by games publishers such as Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games and Bushiroad

Here’s a list of OP events we run:

  • Magic: The Gathering Friday Night Magic
  • Bushiroad Sneak Peeks and weekly tournaments
  • Annual FFG Store Championships such as X-Wing / Star Wars LCG / Netrunner LCG
  • Star Trek Attack Wing Monthly OP

This year we’re going to run more of these regular official OP events for:

  • Star Wars Imperial Assault
  • X-Wing Miniatures Game
  • Star Wars Armada Game
  • Star Wars LCG
  • Netrunner LCG
  • Warhammer 40k Conquest
  • Dicemasters

All of these officially sanctioned tournaments offer exclusive prizes to those attending and benefit from nationwide publicity, which means that we can attract players from a wider area and create a sustainable gaming community that supports high street games stores and keeps them on the high street rather than disappearing completely.

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